$1 Million Goes to ALS Research

In 2005, the University of Miami ALS Research Foundation joined forces with the ALS Recovery Foundation to create the ALS Recovery Fund. That same year, the ALS Recovery Fund pledged $1 million to the Department of Neurology at the University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine to establish the Walter Bradley Endowed Chair for ALS Research. Dr. Michael G. Benatar, associate professor of neurology and chief of the Neuromuscular Division, currently holds this position. Now, seven years later, the ALS Recovery Fund has contributed another $1 million to the Department of Neurology. The gift will be used to provide support for ALS patients, as well as provide funds for ALS research. The president of the ALS Recovery Fund, Adam J. Silverman, said "Not enough is done in the area of ALS research. There are no survivors or success stories in ALS. This gift continues to build on the world-class ALS programs at the Miller School, and through our continued partnership, we will solve the mystery surrounding this terminal illness."

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