10th Brain Research Conference: RNA Metabolism in Neurological Disease

At the 10th Brain Research Conference: RNA Metabolism in Neurological Disease, a satellite of the Society for Neuroscience annual meeting, attendees learned about a parade of mice modeling different aspects of ALS and FTD that result from expansions in the C9ORF72 gene. Knockouts lose control of their immune systems, while transgenics overexpressing the repeat-heavy human gene ranged from normal to having movement and cognitive abnormalities. The results suggest the repeats cause toxicity, but scientists have plenty more to do to understand what the mice are telling them.

Articles on this conference:

Part I: C9ORF72 Mice Point to Gain of Toxic Function in ALS, FTD

Part II: Does C9ORF72 Repeat RNA Promote Protein Phase Transitions?

Part III: RNA Regulator Locked Out of Nucleus by C9ORF72 Repeats.

Part IV: Listen Up, Gene Silencing Strikes a Chord at RNA Meeting.

Part V: Stressed Out: RNA-binding Protein Inhabits Granules in ALS, FTD.

Part VI: ALS Model Mice Roar Back When Human Transgene Silenced.

Part VII: Unexpected Polypeptides Pop Up in Huntington’s Disease.


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