ALS/MND 2015: 26th International Symposium on ALS/Motor Neurone Disease

At the International Symposium on ALS/MND in Orlando, Florida, scientists, neurologists, and people with ALS were excited to hear about clinical progress to treat motor-neuron disease. Attendees pondered the preliminary, but positive, results of gene therapy trials in spinal muscular atrophy—results that may open the door for similar gene therapy in ALS. They heard news of completed and ongoing trials of edaravone, a drug that may slow ALS in certain people, and about therapeutics that relieve distressing problems with speech and swallowing. Basic science also made a showing. A better understanding of how pathogenic proteins travel from cell to cell emerged, and researchers debuted new genetic variants to explain some inherited ALS risk.

Gene and Stem Cell Therapies Make Strong Showing at ALS/MND Meeting

Help for Speech, Swallowing, and Salivation Problems in ALS

SOD1, Tau Swept Up in Prion-like Biology at ALS Meeting

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