Figure 1. Micrographs of spinal cord motoneurons showing SOD1-immunoreactive inclusions.
Image credit: Forsberg, et. al. 2010 under CC BY license

About Us

The mission of the ALS Research Forum is to help accelerate development of new therapies for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), by providing a trustworthy, open-access forum for research news and analysis, dedicated coverage of the latest industry news, and research tools and resources for the ALS research community.

The ALS Research Forum consists of ALS-related content developed through our partnership with the Alzforum, as well as independent news coverage, and a dynamic listing of current drug development efforts relevant to ALS.   Additional resources include databases, such as ALSGene, listings of funding opportunities and scientific meetings, and research resources such as links to repositories and clinical trial registries.

We aim for this portal to benefit both veteran ALS researchers and those new to the ALS field, and to provide relevant information for researchers in both academia and industry. We welcome your feedback and input as we work together to make this site a powerful tool to encourage more people to research ALS.





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