ALS Patients Needed to Test ALS Biomarker Device

In 2011, Prize4Life awarded its $1M ALS Biomarker Prize to Dr. Seward Rutkove for his discovery of a biomarker for ALS – a technology called electrical impedance myography (EIM). EIM measures the flow of a small painless electrical current through healthy and diseased muscle tissue, and by comparing the size and speed of the electrical current, EIM can accurately measure ALS progression. Convergence Medical Devices, a start-up company founded by Dr. Rutkove, is currently seeking ALS patients to participate in a study to help further develop and refine their EIM device. The study involves a single 45-minute visit to Convergence headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts where basic EIM measurements are taken. For more information on this study please contact Convergence Medical Devices at or call 888.382.8824 ext.108.

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