ALS Stratification Challenge Winners Developed Algorithms to Identify ALS Patient Subgroups

Prize4life, DREAM and Sage Bionetworks have announced the winning teams of the DREAM ALS Stratification Prize4Life Challenge, an open science challenge to computationally identify ALS patient subgroups in order to ultimately help improve ALS clinical care and clinical trial design. Participants analyzed clinical trial data from the PRO-ACT database, as well as national ALS registry data from Ireland and Italy, and developed algorithms to identify features of ALS patient subgroups and predict either disease progression or survival for the subgroup. The three winning teams of the four sub-challenges hail from academic groups in the US and Taiwan, and will share cash prizes that were raised through a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. IBM, Biogen and Eli Lilly were industry partners that also supported the prize.

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