ALS TDI and to-BBB Form Collaboration To Find Drugs For ALS

The ALS Therapy Development Institute (ALS TDI) and to-BBB have announced their formal collaboration to find treatments for ALS. to-BBB is known for their development of a liposome-based drug delivery system capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier. ALS TDI will use to-BBB’s technology to facilitate transportation of potential ALS therapeutics across the blood-brain barrier in a pre-clinical mouse model of ALS. Dr. Steve Perrin, CEO and CSO of ALS TDI, said “This partnership brings a new potential tool to safely enhance the delivery of drugs that may slow or stop the progression of ALS. Being able to dose a drug systemically, but yet have it cross the blood-brain barrier, allows us to try things we weren’t able to do before. It enhances the arsenal of weapons we have available in our search for effective treatments for ALS.”

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