ALS Therapy Development Institute Partners with Applied Proteomics, Inc. to Develop Protein Based ALS Biomarkers

ALS Therapy Development Institute (ALSTDI) and Applied Proteomics, Inc. have completed the first stage of a multi-year collaboration to identify and validate protein biomarkers for ALS. The collaboration is funded in large part by the MDA’s Augie’s Quest Initiative. “The creation of protein biomarkers of ALS has the potential to not only hasten the creation of effective therapeutics, but also aid in the accurate measurement of their efficacy in people living with disease. This partnership is aimed to meet this need by leveraging the latest technology. We are pleased to be working with such an accomplished group of researchers at Applied Proteomics,” said Steven Perrin, Ph.D., chief executive officer and chief scientific officer of ALSTDI. As part of the collaboration, Applied Proteomics used mass spectrometry to determine changes in protein expression profiles in spinal cords from SOD1 G93A mice that were supplied by ALSTDI. The proteomics data was then transferred back to ALSTDI, where it is now being compared to a similar proprietary database of RNA expression created in 2008.

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