ALSA Awards $11.6 Million in Grants for Research, Biomarkers, Drug Development and Clinical Trials

The ALS Association has announced 58 new research grants totaling $11.6M to fund research into genetics of ALS, new disease models, biomarkers, drug development and clinical trials. The list of grants provides an overview of exciting and cutting edge research ongoing in the ALS field. In addition to academic groups, the grants will help support several biotechnology start-up companies, including Origent Data Sciences, a spin-off of Sentrana, one of the winners of the ALS Prediction Prize (see June 2012 news), Voyager Therapeutics (see Feb 2014 news) and Aquinnah Pharmaceuticals (see July 2015 news) in the U.S., and Treeway (see Jan 2015 news) and Neurimmune (see April 2013 news) in Europe.

Click here to read the full list of projects.

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