ALSA Commits an Initial $21.7 Million of Ice Bucket Donations to Fund New Research Initiatives

The ALS Association (ALSA) received over $100 million in donations this summer as the Ice Bucket Challenge swept across the U.S. and abroad (see Sept 2014 news story). The ALSA has responded to the urgency expressed by the ALS research and patient communities, and announced on October 2 an initial commitment of $21.7 million in funding for six new initiatives to accelerate the development of treatments and a cure for ALS. Together with the $12.5 million in matching donations, the total commitment reaches $34.2. Four of these are collaborative research programs were selected as critical for discovering new ALS therapies: ALS Accelerated Therapeutics (ALS ACT), The New York Genome Center, the Neuro Collaborative, and Project MinE (for more about Project MinE see Apr 2014 news story, Jul 2014 news story). Click here to read about these exciting new initiatives that would not have been possible without the outpour of support this summer!

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