Alzforum Webinar Features Latest Research On Liquid Droplets and Protein Aggregation

Expert scientists Simon Alberti, Cliff Brangwynne, Nicolas Fawzi, Peter St. George-Hyslop, Paul Taylor, Markus Zweckstetter discussed how the ALS-linked proteins hnRNPA1, FUS, and perhaps even TDP-43, undergo a liquid-phase transition to form liquid, membraneless organelles that may become toxic if they further solidify. This liquid-phase transition could play important physiological roles, such as assembling myelin and regulating translation. The scientists also discussed how mutations in ALS-linked genes could promote excessive stabilization leading to aberrant aggregation. Presentations from the webinar are available to view. For the event, special temporary access has been granted by Cell for Taylor’s recent paper, and Neuron has made Peter St. George-Hyslop’s paper open access.

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