Amorfix Makes Advance Towards Development of Potential ALS Diagnostic Tool

In January, Amorfix Life Sciences announced they were in the process of developing a blood test that could be used to diagnose ALS. The blood test builds on initial findings by Dr. Neil Cashman, Amorfix Chief Scientific Officer and Professor of Medicine at the University of British Columbia, and other researchers at the University of British Columbia, which showed that ALS patients have misfolded SOD1 circulating in their blood. Now, Amorfix announced that they have successfully cloned “ultra-high affinity antibodies” against misfolded SOD1. Cashman said “The generation of these high quality antibodies significantly advances the development of a highly sensitive and simple blood test to diagnose ALS by measuring misfolded SOD1 in the plasma of patients.” Read more about the development of this blood test and Amorfix’ other ALS initiatives by clicking on the link below.

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