Avanir’s Drug, Zenvia, Helps Control Involuntary Crying, Laughing

Avanir Pharmaceutical’s treatment Zenvia has been shown to reduce episodes of involuntary laughing and crying, known as pseudobulbar affect. Pseudobulbar affect is often a symptom in neurodegenerative diseases, including ALS. There are currently no treatments for the disorder approved by the FDA, which affects approximately 2 million people. Ritu Bural, an analyst for Canaccord Adams, predicts that the drug will receive FDA approval by the end of the year. “These outbursts of crying and laughter at inappropriate times can have a severe impact on patient and caregiver well- being, social functioning and quality of life,” said study author Erik Pioro, the head of Cleveland Clinic’s section for Lou Gehrig’s disease, in a Bloomberg BusinessWeek article.

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