Barrow Neurological Institute and TGen to Identify Prognostic Biomarkers for ALS

Two research institutes based in Phoenix, Arizona are co-recipients of a one-year NIH grant of over half a million dollars slated for identifying biomarkers for ALS. The Barrow Neurological Institute team, which is led by Robert Bowser, will partner with the non-profit research institute Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen) to investigate blood and CSF samples from 30 ALS patients, and 30 controls – either healthy or with other neurological disorders. By employing genomic and proteomic techniques along with bioinformatics approaches, the collaborators hope to identify diagnostic biomarkers as well as biomarkers for tracking disease progression. Findings from this study could accelerate disease diagnosis, identification of pathways involved in the disease, and development of new ALS therapies.

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