Breaking News: ALSGene is Officially Open for Business; Alzforum Launches New Website

Calling all ALS geneticists, if you haven’t yet checked out ALSGene (, be sure to head there now. ALSGene is the first genetic database released on the new XGene platform, developed by the creators of the popular AlzGene, PDGene, and MSGene sites. Featuring a new website layout with easy to navigate tabs, a top results list, and direct links to the most recently published genome wide association (GWA) studies, ALSGene provides a comprehensive tool for meta-analysis of proposed ALS-related variants. Be sure to check out ALSGene and let us know what you think. Not coincidentally, our collaborators at Alzforum ( have also just launched their newly updated website. The website doesn’t just look beautiful — it also includes expanded content, including valuable new databases and tools that are sure to be a boon to the entire neurodegenerative disease research community.

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