Catabasis Pharmaceuticals Advancing Multi-Target Approach for DMD, ALS

Cambridge, MA-based Catabasis Pharmaceuticals has developed a unique platform for engineering multi-target drug candidates that simultaneously modulate multiple disease-relevant pathways. The company is now in the process of raising a $20.4M round of financing to continue to advance their specific therapeutic programs. In addition to their company’s NF-kB inhibitor, CAT-1004, which is projected to enter Phase I/II clinical trials for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) in 2015, the company is developing CAT-4001, a dual Nrf2/NF-kB inhibitor for ALS, which targets both oxidative stress and inflammatory pathways (see March 2014 news story). CAT-4001 is currently in preclinical testing, and if positive results are obtained, the drug is projected to enter clinical trials in 2016.

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