Assistive Technology News

Mind-Reading Machine Can Voice Your Thoughts

Led by scientists at UC Berkeley, researchers are taking steps toward developing a brain implant that can vocalize imagined words for people with diseases that impair speech, such as ALS. In proof of concept studies published May 11 in Scientific Reports, participants performed tasks involving auditory cues, speech or imagined speech, while electrocorticographic (ECoG) signals […]

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Minimally-Invasive Microelectrode Array Could Enable Brain Control of an Exoskeleton

A minimally-invasive stent electrode array that can be inserted into a 1mm blood vessel can record electric signals of sufficiently high quality to control an assistive mobility device, such as an exoskeleton. According to a paper in the Feb 8 Nature Biotechnology online, the new ‘stentrode’ can be safely implanted via angiography, alleviating the requirement […]

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