Figure 3. HNF-6 is required for proper morphology of the neuromuscular junction.
Image credit: Audouard, 2012 under CC BY license


This section compiles resources of broad interest for the ALS community.

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reading manuscript libraryFor researchers who are new to the field of ALS, we link to general information about ALS, as well as to a selection of open access review articles about diverse aspects of ALS genetics, pathophysiology, biomarkers and drug development.





ALS clinical trialsWe provide a listing of resources for identifying and tracking ALS clinical trials.






CommunityWe link to ALS non-profit organizations around the world that are involved in advocacy, patient services and ALS research.






ALSUntangledFor scientists interested in collaboratively investigating alternative or off-label ALS treatments, we link externally to the unique social networking-based initiative, called ALSUntangled.






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