Denali Embarks on New Partnerships and RIP1 Inhibitor Phase I Trial

Denali Therapeutics is expanding its portfolio and establishing partnerships to break new ground in the treatment of neurodegenerative disease, including ALS (see May 2015 news). The company has announced the filing of its first clinical trial application for a Phase I clinical trial in Europe to test inhibitors of of receptor-interacting protein 1 (RIP1), kinases that have been implicated in neuroinflammation and glial dysfunction in the CNS (see Feb 2014 news). Data from this trial will help shape the design of future RIP1 clinical trials in ALS and Alzheimer’s disease.  Several additional programs include development of LRRK2 inhibitors for Parkinson’s disease, bi-specific antibodies to cross the blood-brain barrier, and a previously announced collaboration with ALS TDI on ALS clinical trial endpoints (see March 2016 news).

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