ICFTD 2016: FTD Research Takes Off

As research on frontotemporal dementia gathers steam, the international conference hosted its largest gathering ever last month in Munich. More than 750 researchers shared their latest data on basic science, genetics, and clinical outcome measures. Biomarkers dominated the meeting, as the field prepares for therapy trials by seeking better ways to track pathology in living people. The few trials that have been done thus far, without specific biomarkers, have largely been a bust. Read Alzforum’s Madolyn Rogers’ coverage.

Part I: Frontotemporal Dementia: The Hard Work of Pushing Toward Trials

Part II: First Round of FTD Therapeutics Fell Short, But Many More Are Up and Running

Part III: Fluid NfL Shines, Tau PET Dims, in the Hunt for FTD Biomarkers

Part IV: Tests of Social Cognition Hold Potential as FTD Outcome Measures

Part V:  FTD Gene Hunt Turns Up CYLD and Modifying Factors

Part VI: New Data Reinforces Concept of Protein Propagation


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