Genome Center Dream Come True for Tom Maniatis

Last week, the New York Genome Center, a collaborative partnership between twelve of “New York’s biggest medical research institutions” including, University/Weill Cornell Medical College, Columbia University, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Rockefeller University, and others, officially opened its doors in Manhattan’s Lower West Side. The event was a dream come true for Tom Maniatis, a member of Prize4Life’s Scientific Advisory Board and a pioneer in molecular biology. Maniatis says the Genome Center will “bring together the entire New York community to tackle the problem of making biological and medical sense of large data sets.” The collaborative efforts of the New York Genome Center will involve the analysis of large sets of basic and clinical data and transition these findings toward clinical studies. The hope is that this new approach will help to accelerate our understanding of diseases such as ALS. Click here for more information on the new center.

Click here for more information on the new center.

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