Google and Partner to Decipher Human Longevity

Calico, the Google-backed research and development company focused on longevity research and development of interventions to increase human lifespan, has announced a partnership with AncestryDNA to study the genetics of the human lifespan. Ancestry is a subsidiary of that has amassed a database of over one million genetic records through direct-to-consumer DNA testing kits. Calico will gain access to the anonymized genetic data as well as family trees and supporting information, and will mine the data to identify pathways shaping heritability of longevity. This partnership is part of a growing trend toward genetic data-driven drug discovery, similar to the recent partnership between 23andMe and Genentech surrounding Parkinson’s disease research (see Jan 2015 news). We look forward to seeing ALS research join this trend with projects such as ProjectMine (see Oct 2014 news).

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