Harvard Scientists Team Up with Evotec to Find New Treatments for ALS

Harvard Stem Cell Institute (HSCI) scientists Dr. Kevin Eggan and Dr. Lee Rubin have joined together with the German biotech company Evotec to target ALS. Drs. Eggan and Rubin have contributed to the field of ALS research by developing patient-derived stem cell models of ALS. Now Drs. Eggan and Rubin are collaborating with Evotec to screen potential drugs in their ALS stem cell models in the hopes of quickly identifying molecules that can be developed into ALS treatments for patients. Brock Reeve, the Executive Director of HSCI, is optimistic about the collaboration, which he says will “enabl[e] us to hasten the transfer of stem cell-based discoveries to the clinic.”

More information on the new partnership, as well as on the work of Drs. Eggan and Rubin, can be found here.

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