Initial Results from Collaboration between ALS-TDI and to-BBB Appear Promising

Earlier this year, The ALS Therapy Development Institute (ALS TDI) and to-BBB announced their formal collaboration to test the pharmacokinetics of to-BBB’s therapy, 2B3-201, in SOD1 mice. to-BBB is known for their development of a liposome-based drug delivery system capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier, called G-technology. The 2B3-201 therapy is G-technology encapsulated methylprednisolone, which enables delivery of methylprednisolone to the brain for the treatment of neuroinflammation. The results of ALS-TDI’s initial pharmacokinetic studies looking at uptake of 2B3-201 in the spinal cords and brains of SOD1 mice were positive. Based on these exciting results, ALS-TDI has initiated a larger survival study in SOD1 mice. Going forward, ALS-TDI will continue to investigate 2B3-201, as well as other promising ALS therapeutics in the to-BBB pipeline. Read more about to-BBB’s ALS initiatives here.

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