Kadimastem’s Stem Cell Therapy Shows Benefit in ALS Rat Model

Following promising results with their stem cell therapy in ALS rat models, the Israeli biotechnology company Kadimastem is preparing for a Pre-Investigational New Drug (IND) Meeting with the US FDA to pave the way for Phase I clinical trials in humans. Kadimastem, which focuses on stem cell therapies for diabetes and neurodegenerative diseases, has developed a proprietary technology for treating ALS with human embryonic stem cell-derived astrocyte precursors (see July 2014 news). Injecting the derived astrocytes into the spinal fluid of an ALS rat model increased survival, improved motor function, delayed disease onset, and inhibited ALS progression. The company hopes that its treatment could be an effective off-the-shelf stem cell therapy for ALS that does not require immuno-suppressive drugs.

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