KineMed and MedImmune Partner to Study Prion Protein Dynamics

KineMed recently announced that they are partnering with MedImmune to investigate how an antibody direct against the cellular prion protein (PrP) will influence “turnover and expression” of PrP. Although this research will primarily inform neurodegenerative diseases including Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease and potentially Alzheimer’s disease (although there is still great debate about whether PrP is involved in Alzheimer’s), these studies could also yield information that could be beneficial for ALS. KineMed is already committed to developing therapeutics for ALS. Hopefully, positive results from the antibody-PrP study will convince KineMed and MedImmune to look into antibodies that target SOD1. Amorfix, Biogen Idec, and Neurimmune are already working to identify antibodies that target the misfolded pathogenic SOD1 proteins; read more about these initiatives here.

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