More Needed Than Ever, Brain Banks are Modernizing But Face Funding Crunch

Banked brain tissue enables crucial advances in the understanding and treatment of degenerative disorders. As appreciation for the many different variants of neurodegenerative disease is growing, well-preserved tissue is in more demand than ever. Are the brain banks up to the task? Modern banks are harmonizing protocols, combining their inventories in online listings, and maintaining databases of detailed longitudinal data. At the same time, these institutions face funding shortfalls that threaten continued progress. Read Madolyn Bowman Rogers’ series for the latest news, and browse Alzforum’s listing of banks around the world.

Part I: Innovate, Then Stagnate? Brain Banks Improve Access But are Now in Peril.

Part II: Europe Leads the Way Toward Standardization and Brain Bank Networks.

To read about specific brain banks for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, click here.

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