Nanologica and Alcyone Lifesciences Collaborate to Develop ALS Therapy

Two companies developing specialized drug delivery systems  have signed a license agreement to develop a combination therapy to treat motor neuron disorders. Nanologica is a materials technology company developing specialized nanoporous silica particles, called NLAB Silica, which can be loaded with a drug of interest to optimize drug stability and delivery. In collaboration with Elena Kozlova of Upsalla University, the company is developing an ALS therapy that combines embryonic stem cell-derived cells with trophic factors encapsulated in the NLAB Silica particles (Garcia-Bennett et al., 2013, Garcia-Bennet et al., 2014). In the new effort, Nanologica is teaming up with medical device company Alcyone Lifesciences to improve CNS delivery of the trophic factors using their specialized CNS infusion systems, and develop a combination drug/stem cell therapy targeting motor neuron disorders.

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