Neuralstem CEO Reflects on FDA Public Hearing on ALS – Blog Highlights the ALS “Crisis”

The Maryland-based company Neuralstem Inc. recently completed a Phase I clinical trial testing spinal cord neural stem cells for the treatment of ALS and they are currently gearing up for a Phase II study. Neuralstem’s CEO Richard Garr regularly shares his thoughts on the progress of their clinical trials and the current ALS landscape by contributing blogs to his company’s website. Following the emotional and riveting testimony of ALS patients and advocates at the February 25 FDA public hearing on ALS, Mr. Garr shared his thoughts: “Let us hope that the FDA takes the opportunity that this crisis presents to change the way they approach our trial, and any other novel therapy that has the potential to help this population.” Garr also makes the key point that the FDA should not be viewed as an enemy but rather as a potential partner. Click on the link below to read this insightful blog post.

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