Neuralstem Treatment Shows Promise in Rats with Spinal Cord Injury, Findings Help Neuralstem Potentially Raise $7 Million

On the heels of Neuralstem’s announcement that they just treated their 18th patient and concluded their Phase I Clinical Trial of spinal cord neural stem cells for the treatment of ALS, Neuralstem has more exciting results with their stem cell therapy. Neuralstem’s findings, which were published in the prestigious journal, Cell, showed that paralyzed rats treated with Neuralstem’s spinal cord stem cells (NSI-566), regained locomotor function, including movement in lower parts of the body. In addition, the transplanted neuronal stem cells showed characteristic features of normal neurons, including “a remarkable number of axons that extended for very long distances.” On the same day this research news broke, Neuralstem announced that they are offering 7,000,000 shares of their common stock at a price of $1.00/share. Neuralstem is expected to raise $7 million through this direct offering.

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