NeuroBANK™ Program to be Expanded With Large Grant

The NeuroBANK™ program at the Neurological Clinical Research Institute (NCRI) has received $3.6M in funding from The ALS Association, Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), and ALS Finding A Cure  to support its expansion over the next 3 years. NeuroBANK is a patient-centric clinical research platform that facilitates integration of information across research projects, and provides core services for clinical research studies. It incorporates ALS Common Data Elements and standardized operating procedures in combination with a Global Unique Identifier (GUID) system to uniquely identify ALS patients while protecting their identity. The program is geared to help accelerate workflow in clinical research studies and to facilitate data integration across multiple studies, locations and biorepositories, which has become particularly important with the emergence of large scale precision medicine studies in ALS (see March 2016 news).

Click here to read the ALS Association press release, and here to read more from ALS Finding a Cure.

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