NeuroVigil Joins with NASA to Develop Assistive Technologies for ALS

While NASA may be best known for rockets and rovers, NASA is broadly interested in innovative technologies that make seemingly impossible things, like space flight, possible. Now NASA is announcing a new collaboration with NeuroVigil, which is the brainchild of NeuroVigil Chairman and CEO Dr. Philip Low. Using findings from his Ph.D. thesis work Dr. Low created the iBrain, which uses electroencephalography (EEG) to monitor brain activity in order to identify potential disease-relevant biomarkers. A fateful meeting with Dr. Stephen Hawking convinced Dr. Low to use his technology to assist ALS patients. Now, NeuroVigil is hoping to use the iBrain for “mind-based communication”, translating the EEG reading of patients into words, which would enable ALS patients to communicate using only their thoughts. The goal of NeuroVigil’s collaboration with NASA is to improve the technology and develop other ways to assist patients with ALS and other disorders of the central nervous system.

Click here for more on the collaboration and NeuroVigil’s technology.

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