New Resource: Alzforum ALS Mouse Model Database

ALS Mice colorized

Credit: Leitner, M et. al. Working with ALS Mice.

New breakthroughs in ALS genetics as well as in technologies for genetic manipulation have led to the development of many new mouse models of ALS. These have greatly expanded the repertoire of models that can be leveraged in fundamental and preclinical studies in ALS beyond the classic ones created based on mutations in superoxide dismutase (SOD1, Gurney, ME et. al., 1994).

The Alzforum has just launched a new database summarizing key information about 26 ALS mouse models with mutations in SOD1, TDP-43, C9orf72 and FUS. The database highlights key phenotypic features of each model, and allows for comparisons between the models.  The resource aims to help researchers select the most appropriate mouse models for their inquiries, and to accelerate new discoveries in ALS.

Click here to access the database.

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