Paper Alert: GWAS Hits Clusterin, CR1, PICALM Formally Published

Yesterday, Nature Genetics online released full reports of the two largest genomewide association studies of sporadic Alzheimer disease performed to date. Netting three new risk genes between them, these two studies stand out not only for their collaboration and data pooling—together they engaged several dozen institutions from 10 countries—but also for fingering three new genes robustly, without the lingering doubt of small sample size and missing replication that has accompanied most prior gene association results except ApoE.

This website reported the story from presentations at the International Conference on Alzheimer Disease held last July in Vienna, Austria (see ARF related ICAD story). On September 4, Nature Genetics held a press conference to announce the data to the media, and today, readers can download the papers and supplemental material from the Nature Genetics website.

The same online issue of Nature Genetics carries results from an ALS GWAS, as well (see ARF related news story).

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