Phytopharm’s Cogane Fails to Show Efficacy in Parkinson’s Trial

Phytopharm just finished their Phase II clinical trial of Cogane for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease. Unfortunately, the trial, which included over 400 people with Parkinson’s disease, failed to show efficacy. Phytopharm’s Chief Executive Tim Sharpington said “Cogane had demonstrated encouraging efficacy in a wide range of industry standard pre-clinical models but this promise has not translated into clinically meaningful efficacy.” This is disappointing news not only for the Parkinson’s disease community, but also for the ALS community. In 2011, Cogane was granted orphan drug status for the treatment of ALS and last December Phytopharm announced their plans to further develop Cogane for the treatment of ALS. However, in the wake of this recent announcement, Phytopharm has stopped all research activities while they reevaluate their pipeline.

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