Usp14 inhibitor

Drug Name: Usp14 inhibitor
Company: Proteostasis
Location: US-Massachusetts
Drug Type: Small Molecule
Conditions: Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease
Mechanism Type: Protein aggregate clearance
Mechanism: In collaboration with Biogen, the company developed novel inhibitors of Usp14, a deubiquitinating enzyme, to enhance clearance of aggregation-prone proteins such as alpha synuclein and tau. Inhibition of Usp14 promotes clearance of TDP-43 by retaining ubiquiting chains, suggesting this could be a promising therapeutic approach in ALS. However, Amgen recently reported that the company could not reproduce these published results. The status of this approach is unknown.
U.S. Status for ALS: N/A

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Last updated February 8th, 2018

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