Figure 7. Immunofluorescence staining of the lumbar spinal cord section of SOD1G93A transgenic mouse transplanted with F3.Olig2-Shh cells.
Image credit: Lee, 2014 under CC BY license

Research Tools

This section includes a collection of databases and tools for experimental and computational research in ALS.

Several of the resources were developed specifically for the ALS Research Forum, such as ALSGene and the ALS Drugs in Development Database, while others were are developed by other research teams around the world and are highlighted here for your reference.


human geneticsWe link to databases for analyzing ALS genetics, and to the ALS Consortium of Epidemiological Studies (ACES) for researchers planning to conduct or already engaged in epidemiological studies in ALS.





ALS Mice colorizedFor preclinical researchers working with ALS mouse models, we recommend selected literature resources for preclinical studies design in ALS mouse models, and highlight the interactive Alzforum ALS Mouse Model Database.





biorepositoryWe link you to services and materials to advance your ALS preclinical research, such as cells and tissue repositories and contract research organizations.





shutterstock_389751289We provide a database of drugs in development for ALS from preclinical through the advanced clinical stages.






PRO-ACT LogoWe link to the Pooled Resource Open-Access ALS Clinical Trials database (PRO-ACT), the largest database of completed clinical trials in ALS.







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