Figure 1B Amplitude of low frequency fluctuation  (ALFF) differences between ALS and control groups without grey matter (GM) correction (A) and with GM correction (B).
Image credit: Luo, 2012 under CC BY license

Contract Research Organizations

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Preclinical Testing Services in Mice:

ALS Therapy Development Institute

The ALS Therapy Development Institute (ALS TDI) is a non-profit biotechnology company that offers CRO services for preclinical testing of novel ALS therapies in mouse models of ALS. This is the only CRO that specializes exclusively in ALS.

Charles River Laboratories

Charles River Laboratories offers CRO services that include in-vivo pharmacology in SOD1 mouse models of ALS. Services include the following analyses: body weight, Kaplan-Meyer survival plots, behavioral assessment of motor deficits for rotarod, grip strength, clinical scoring and open field tests.

The Jackson Laboratories

The Jackson Laboratories (JAX) offers CRO services for basic research and therapy development in mouse models of ALS. The preclinical services include diverse in-life and end point measurements, phenotyping capabilities, and flexible, customizable study design for many models of ALS and other neurodegenerative diseases. Mouse models of ALS are also available for purchase from JAX.


PsychoGenics offers a wide range of standard and customized preclinical services related to ALS. PsychoGenics’ capabilities include behavioral testing, electrophysiology, molecular biology, and microdialysis. The company offers CRO services for in vivo pharmacology and phenotyping in ALS mouse models, including body weight, grip strength, rotarod and survival.



Clinical Trial Services:

NEALS Contract Research Organization

The Northeast ALS Consortium network has over 15 years of experience in developing and conducting multi-center clinical trials in ALS, and encompasses more than 100 member sites equipped to perform clinical research. NEALS can help sponsors interested in developing new studies design protocols, select sites, and manage trials.  The NEALS Clinical Trial Cores include a Coordination and Data Management Center (MGH Neurological Clinical Research Institute) and an Outcomes and Monitoring Center (Barrow Neurological Institute).


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