Figure 1. Micrographs of spinal cord motoneurons showing SOD1-immunoreactive inclusions.
Image credit: Forsberg, et. al. 2010 under CC BY license

Preclinical Study Design Resources

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Preclinical Study Design in SOD1 Mouse Models

Working with ALS Mice: Guidelines for preclinical testing & colony management. 

Leitner M, Menzies S, and Lutz C. This manual summarizes the current best practices and recommendations available for (1) designing and conducting preclinical studies using the currently available SOD1-based mouse models of ALS and (2) breeding and maintaining SOD1 mutant mouse colonies. The manual was prepared through a joint collaboration with The Jackson Laboratory and Prize4Life, Inc.

Design, power, and interpretation of studies in the standard murine model of ALS. [Pubmed]

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Guidelines for preclinical animal research in ALS/MND: A consensus meeting. [Pubmed]

Ludolph AC, Bendotti C, Blaugrund E, Chio A, Greensmith L, Loeffler JP, Mead R, Niessen HG, Petri S, Pradat PF, Robberecht W, Ruegg M, Schwalenstöcker B, Stiller D, van den Berg L, Vieira F, von Horsten S. Amyotroph Lateral Scler. 2010;11(1-2):38-45.

Guidelines for the preclinical in vivo evaluation of pharmacological active drugs for ALS/MND: report on the 142nd ENMC international workshop. [Pubmed]

Ludolph AC, Bendotti C, Blaugrund E, Hengerer B, Löffler JP, Martin J, Meininger V, Meyer T, Moussaoui S, Robberecht W, Scott S, Silani V, Van Den Berg LH; ENMC Group for the Establishment of Guidelines for the Conduct of Preclinical and Proof of Concept Studies in ALS/MND Models. Amyotroph Lateral Scler. 2007;8(4):217-23.



Protocol Resources

Determining Copy Number: Life Technologies q-PCR Education Materials

Cox Proportional Hazards Survival Analysis

Gill A, Kidd J, Vieira F, Thompson K, Perrin S. No benefit from chronic lithium dosing in a sibling-matched, gender balanced, investigator-blinded trial using a standard mouse model of familial ALS. PLOS One.2009 Aug 3;4(8):e6489.

From transcriptome analysis to therapeutic anti-CD40L treatment in the SOD1 model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. [Pubmed]

Lincecum JM, Vieira FG, Wang MZ, Thompson K, De Zutter GS, Kidd J, Moreno A, Sanchez R, Carrion IJ, Levine BA, Al-Nakhala BM, Sullivan SM, Gill A, Perrin S. Nat Genet. 2010 May; 42(5):392-9.


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