SfN 2014: Exosomes Emerge as Critical Vehicles for Cell-to-Cell Communication in the Brain

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Exosomes are small vesicles with specialized functions that transmit materials between cells, and are emerging as an important mode of cell-to-cell communication in the nervous system. Signaling via exosomes has been implicated in ALS and other neurodegenerative diseases as a key method for propagation of misfolded proteins, including SOD1, between neighboring cells (see Dec 2012 news story). This year’s Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting, which took place Nov 15-19 in Washington, D.C., highlighted the cutting-edge research on exosomes in the nervous system, and their role in health and disease. Click here to read the latest on exosomes from SfN by Alzforum’s Gwyneth Dickey Zakaib:

Part I: Exosomes: the Fedex of the Nervous System?

Part II: Exosomes: Purveyors of Neurodegenerative Disease?

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