We Want You! The VABBB is Looking for Veteran Volunteers and for ALS Researchers

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Biorepository Brain Bank (VABBB) is seeking Veterans with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) who would like to participate in research about conditions such as ALS that affect Veterans. Veterans (or their caregivers if it is difficult for the Veteran to speak or write) enrolling in the VABBB will be asked to complete telephone and/or mail surveys about their health every six months or so, and upon their death, donate their brain and other body tissue for ALS research. Veterans can begin helping now by enrolling today, even though the tissue donation may occur many years from now. This will allow researchers to learn as much as possible about the health of an enrolled Veteran and how it may change over the years. All Veterans with ALS from across the United States are eligible to participate in the VABBB. Veterans without ALS are also eligible to participate in the VABBB, because it is important to also examine Veterans without ALS in order to learn more about the causes of ALS. Your decision to donate is completely voluntary and can be changed at any time.

Veterans who are interesting in learning more about enrolling in the VABBB are encouraged to visit the VABBB web site or call the VABBB toll-free number (1-866-460-1158).

Researchers who require precious central nervous system tissue and associated clinical data to conduct ALS research are encouraged to apply to the VABBB to receive tissue and data. All applications for access to tissue will be reviewed monthly by a panel of subject matter experts and the VABBB Executive Committee. Final decisions about access will be made on the basis of qualifications of the investigator, scientific merit of the proposed research utilizing the tissue, quantities of tissue requested, statistical issues and availability of tissue.

Researchers who are interested in applying for tissue from the VABBB are encouraged to visit the VABBB tissue request information site.

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