Xonovo Tests Novel Drug in Alzheimer’s, Potentially Also ALS?

Xonovo Inc. recently licensed the intellectual property rights for the small molecule XN-001 from the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation (OMRF). XN-001 is a synthetic derivative of Lanthionine Ketimine (LK) which increases the activity of CRMP2. XN-001 has been shown to “improve both axonal transport and autophagy” and has shown benefit in several neurodegenerative disease mouse models, including SOD1 mice. Xonovo initially plans to move XN-001 forward in Alzheimer’s disease, with the goal of completing their preclinical studies and moving into patients within two years. With promising preclinical findings in SOD1 mice, hopefully Xonovo will also consider advancing XN-001 for ALS. Stay tuned to the ALS Forum to find out.

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