ALS-ETF Partners with Denovo Biomarkers to Identify Patients Who Respond to ALS Drugs

The ALS Emergency Treatment Fund (ALS-ETF) helps provide post-Phase II ALS therapies to ALS patients, who might not qualify for clinical trials, through the government’s expanded access programs (EAPs). ALS-ETF just announced that they are teaming up with Denovo Biomarkers to see if Denovo can use their proprietary genomic biomarker discovery technology to identify ALS patient groups that respond to particular ALS drugs. Through the partnership, ALS-ETF will provide biological samples collected from individuals participating in the EAPs to Denovo for the analysis. Being able to identify unique patient-responder groups could transform the current clinical trial process, which is one reason why Prize4Life and NCRI built the PRO-ACT database, to enable a retrospective analysis of potential responders from previous trials. Maybe the data in PRO-ACT may also be a useful resource to Denovo!

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