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Keystone 2016: When a Microglia Is No Longer a Microglia

Recently researchers have begun using transcriptomics and genomics to characterize microglia from human and mouse brain and figure out how they respond to environmental cues. A take-home message from this symposium was that once yanked out of their normal environs, microglia can change so radically that they no longer appear to be microglia.

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Keystone 2016 Meeting on Microglia/Neurodegeneration: Here’s the Buzz

Researchers who packed the lecture halls for “Common Mechanisms of Neurodegeneration” and “Microglia in the Brain,” joint Keystone Symposia held June 12-16 in Keystone, Colorado, saw old dogmas fall and new ideas and methodologies emerge. Debates ran the gamut from the biophysical nature of toxic proteins to the characterization of microglia in health and disease.

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Stress Granule Protein Entwines and Misfolds Tau

By temporarily sequestering mRNA, stress granules provide a reprieve for cells struggling momentarily with the burden of protein synthesis. Alas, if the granules persist, they may be more trouble than they are worth. In the May 17 Cell Reports, researchers led by Benjamin Wolozin at Boston University report that the RNA-binding protein TIA1, a principal […]

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