Biogen Idec and Isis Pharmaceuticals Form Collaboration Worth $630 Million

Isis Pharmaceuticals just completed a Phase I study of their antisense oligonucleotides (ASO) drug (ISIS SOD1Rx) in people with ALS. The results of the study were positive – the ASO drug was shown to be well tolerated and safe. Isis currently has plans to develop additional ALS therapies that would reach a larger population. Now it seems that they might be reaching out to Biogen Idec as a collaborator in this process. Biogen just signed a huge deal with Isis — Biogen is paying Isis $30 million now, with the potential to pay up to $600 million more, to collaborate on three different research programs. The exact details of the collaboration were not disclosed, but Biogen did mention that the collaboration is around three programs that are targeting neuromuscular and neurological diseases. Hopefully one of these programs is focused on ALS!

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