Critique of Precision StemCell’s Stem Cell Therapy for ALS

Precision StemCell is an “outpatient imaging and image-guided treatment facility” established in 2012 by radiologist Dr. Jason Williams in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Since opening his doors, Dr. Williams has treated 24 patients with his reprogrammed stem cells, including 18 people with ALS. However, Dr. Williams’ stem cell therapy and medical approach isn’t approved by the FDA, nor has it ever been tested in any preclinical animal models, including any animal model of ALS. In February 2013, two individuals from ALS Worldwide visited Dr. Williams’ clinic and subsequently published an astonishing report providing detailed information about the unsanitary facility conditions and the highly questionable therapy and procedure, which could significantly harm patients. Click here to read this informative blog post which urges the FDA to take action against Dr. Williams.

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