Neuralstem Presents Data from Phase I Study and Announces Exciting News About Phase II Trial

At The 23rd International Symposium on MND/ALS held in Chicago, IL from December 5-7, Dr. Jonathon Glass, Director of the Emory ALS Center, presented some exciting new findings from Neuralstem’s Phase I clinical trial. Neuralstem’s Phase I trial was designed to test the safety of injecting human spinal stem cells (NSI-566) directly into the spinal cord for the treatment of ALS. On October 8, Dr. Eva Feldman, principle investigator of the Neuralstem trial, said that “this has been a very successful trial so far. We have demonstrated that intraspinal transplantation is feasible and well-tolerated.” Now, there is even more exciting news, Dr. Glass just announced that the transplanted stem cells have “long-term survival” in these patients – even up to 30 months after transplantation. In addition to this exciting finding, Dr. Glass announced that the NIH has agreed to fund a majority of the Phase II study of NSI-566 in people with ALS. Neuralstem plans to begin recruiting for the Phase II study once their protocol is approved by the FDA.

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