Figure 1B Amplitude of low frequency fluctuation  (ALFF) differences between ALS and control groups without grey matter (GM) correction (A) and with GM correction (B).
Image credit: Luo, 2012 under CC BY license

Professional Resources

This section includes collection of useful resources for professional development in the field of ALS, both within and outside the laboratory.

Please let us know of additional professional resources that you think would be useful for the ALS research community at [email protected].


Group of researchers

We map out the landscape of ongoing large scale, collaborative research efforts in ALS , to help researchers identify opportunities for collaborations and new research resources.





Funding Opportunity 2We identify and list current funding opportunities for fundamental, preclinical, and clinical ALS research.






Business handshakeWe list open job opportunities in academia, industry and the non-profit sector that are potentially applicable for scientists who have been, or aim to be, engaged in ALS research.





MeetingsWe provide a list of upcoming scientific meetings with relevance to ALS and related neurodegenerative diseases.






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